Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whoever said 3D artists have no fun....

... needs to do some rethinking desu.
Courtesy of Mr Longman who kindly created this in my computer while I was away. And left it there for everyone to see wtf.


Charl said...

Oh come on GN, u started imagining things when u laid eyes on that 3D pic. i know i did. I'm imagining....let's see...the hot elf prince Nuada from Hellboy II on top, and that equally hot L guy from DeathNote on the receving end! oh yes!!

OK so maybe im the only one.

WOOOO bishonen orgy!!!!

Miss Anis said...

wrong on every level.

but hilarious nonetheless.

i bet you did it on purpose.

you sly virgin you.

erykkun said...

u like it dont cha? thats why u post it after mr longman done it right?????

gianne said...

.... y'all so hentai wtf.

BUT I IS INNOCENTS!!! -runs through fields of daisies and sunflowers-

tra la la....