Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ahmad Ismail, you make me hurl.

Ahmad did it again, told Chinese not be American Jews
Sep 8, 08 8:52pm
Penang Umno leader Ahmad Ismail, the man at the centre of the 'racial slur' controversy, warned Chinese Malaysians not to mimic American Jews who not only seek to control the country's economy but also its political power.

In an explosive 50-minute press conference, Ahmad who claimed time and again that he was not a racist, vowed that he would not apologise for his remarks which sparked the controversy.

"While it is not difficult to say sorry - for the sake of my Malay dignity, I resolve not to apologise no matter what others may say. I am willing to take the risk (for not doing so)," he said in a 14-page statement.

The press conference, which was held at the Penang Umno headquarters this afternoon, ended with shouts of 'Hidup Melayu' from about 50 local party leaders who were there.

Soon after the event, former Penang Umno committee member Zainol Abidin Hashim, with the help from his colleagues pulled down the photo of Gerakan acting president Dr Koh Tsu Koon which adorned one of the walls in the party headquarters.

Koh's picture frame, which sat next to the photos of the Penang governor and his wife, was subsequently smashed.

As the glass broke into pieces, Zainol removed Koh's photo from the frame and tore it into half.

Koh, who is former Penang chief minister, has been trading barbs with Ahmad, the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief, over the issue.

In a hastily-organised press conference at 10.30pm, Koh announced that Penang Gerakan had decided to cut all ties with its counterpart effective immediately.

Ahmad: Take this as a warning

Earlier, Ahmad told the minority Chinese not to go overboard in hurting the feelings of the Malays and Muslims.

"I want them to know, I want them to take this as a warning from the Malays. Malays and Muslims have been provoked many times. We have been patient because we want to maintain stability in the country," he said.

"Remember! The patience of Malays and Muslims has its limits. Do not push us to the wall, where we will be forced to reject the Chinese for the sake of our survival.

"If what I say sounds too strong for BN, take this as a warning from the Malays and Muslims as this has nothing to do with Umno. Do not pressure Umno leaders until they are caught in a dilemma."

He then sounded a dire warning to Koh and Gerakan.

"I want Koh Tsu Koon and Gerakan to take responsibility for whatever untoward incidents that could happen in this country of ours."

Ahmad also called upon BN leaders to "kick Gerakan out" from the ruling coalition.

'PM asked me to hold this PC'

The Bukit Bendera Umno chief said that he was asked by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to hold "another press conference".

Ahmad previously held a press conference last Friday in which he reiterated that he would not apologise for his remarks.

Abdullah (photo, right), who had earlier told the powerful local Umno leader to do so, was silent on the issue the next day when he met with Penang Umno leaders, including Ahmad.

Ahmad, who was backed by all 13 Umno divisions in Penang - Abdullah's home state - thanked the prime minister for his "understanding".

The controversy erupted after Ahmad had allegedly said that the "Chinese were immigrants squatting in this country" at a ceramah during the recent Permatang Pauh by-election campaign.

The speech caused Ahmad to come under heavy fire from Chinese-based political parties, particularly from Umno's allies MCA and Gerakan over the past two weeks. A spate of police reports were also lodged against the Umno division leader.

Ahmad nevertheless argued that his remark was taken out of context by Chinese-language Sin Chew Daily as he was referring to historical events.

PM, DPM to meet Ahmad

At the press conference, Ahmad also urged the different states to hold a gathering of the whole ummah (Muslim community).

"Let us not let it go to waste as the flames of anger among Malays and Muslims has reached new heights. Let us take embrace this anger and come together as Malays and Muslims throughout the land so that we can turn the voices of the Malays into one that will unite all Malays and Muslims into one single movement."

In an immediate reaction, both Abdullah and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak are expected to meet Ahmad tomorrow. It is believed that action could be taken against the Umno leader. - Link


PM to Ahmad Ismail: Explain, or face action


No more chances to explain!!! He had his chance and burnt it, along with the feelings of non-Malay Malaysians like me. Take away his title, toss him out of the party and into jail for these extremely seditious words! If BN wants to ever redeem themselves in the eyes of Malaysians, this should be done and NO EXCUSES FROM THEM AS WELL! Let it be known to that people like him will not be tolerated at all. There should not be double-standards.

"Let us not let it go to waste as the flames of anger among Malays and Muslims has reached new heights. Let us take embrace this anger and come together as Malays and Muslims throughout the land so that we can turn the voices of the Malays into one that will unite all Malays and Muslims into one single movement."

So sick. Nothing good ever comes out from a community united together by anger and hatred. I know many good Muslims and he mocks them. He mocks the very premise of Islam, the teaching of tolerance and peace... best of all, on the holy month of Ramadhan.

It takes so long to build this tower of tolerance and trust, and it takes just one idiot in 3 press conferences to wiggle the brick in its foundation. Dah lah sudah bergoyang... nak remove lagi!

Celaka bodoh sial!!! Really need to be sepak-ed already!

Saya anak Malaysia. Heck, my Malay language skill is better than my Chinese. I don't harbour thoughts to run off to China. I cheered for Chong Wei instead of Lin Dan in the Olympics. I grew up in Malaysian society. I was educated in government schools (where everyone was ready to dash out for recess to be in time to get that limited bowl of laksa wtf and where we would frantically 'whiten' our canvas shoes with chalk before teachers check on us). I could spot a Malaysian from a crowd of 100 in a foreign country and likewise. What makes me different? So, don't make me feel as though I'm inferior and that I should accept this inferiority because my grandparents were 'kaum pendatang'. It's like, hey! You're Malaysian!!! But not enough.

I know that I'm enough. We all are.

Ahmad Ismail, you're a disgrace to all right-minded Malays and Muslims, and most of all, a disgust to all Malaysians.


jacko wacko said...

bodoh sial!!!

that aptly describe the situation that ismail instigated. what the hell is he thinking?? our country's political situation is already in precarious position and he has to throw a barrel of salt to the gaping hole.

he also forget that malays are as much squatters as chinese are, in historical term; they came from indonesia. the real non squatters are the native of this land. the difference is malays came earlier to this land. so we have as much rights to be here. our forefathers fought for the independence, in unity with all the other races.

i wonder if the day will arrive when we will call ourselves just Malaysians and be proud of it. but now i see that notion slowly chipping away into oblivion, as my loyalty for my birth country ebbed away.

rainbowsindecember said...

I love you. There is so much raw emotion and hurt in how we Malaysian youth feel, and you portrayed that anger well.

When are they going to understand that we only want equal rights? Isn't that what we should have, after 51 years of calling this country home?

They seem to forget the racist comments were made by them and their own. Not us. Then again, we probably wouldn't dare.

Our leaders are babies, really. You know, the whole "I-don't-friend-you" mentality.

PS: How in the world did I miss the part about Ahmad Ismail comparing us to American Jews? Wow. He's not only taking below the belt punches at us, but at a whole other community that does not live here and has nothing to do with him. His arrogance and his stupidity astounds me.