Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let us be above them.

...because we're first-class beings. -pats self on head-

Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng and  DAP leader Teresa Kok have been arrested under ISA.(RPK too )

I could comment... but not interested to be Captain Obvious wtf.

STAY CALM! I know most of us are feeling raw emotions right now, but don't give any excuse to -them- that could be used against the cause for a better Malaysia

From Malaysia Today;

Remember May 13. The government is trying to use the same methods to make people angry so that if we all take to the streets to protest, it will basically give them a free ticket to arrest more people. So we must be clear on what NOT to do. Let's not fall into their trap.
I am being told many political party leaders are now talking about what is proper to say in public, so when commenting please exercise the same restraint.
Next, we also need to know that RPK has not associated himself to any power or position. He is just like you and me except that he means well, can swear better and can talk louder. So, there is NOTHING for the government to gain by arresting him except to perpetuate their rule and to create the emotions to help them stay in control.
People are not stupid or ignorant anymore. Today, we have the internet and mobile phones. We can always alert each other on the progress. Unlike 1969, when you are thirsty for news, you may get angry and you would go to the streets. Not today.
So stay tuned to the developments as we bring them to you. But please stay cool, keep properly informed and do not over-react.
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