Thursday, September 11, 2008

My lezzy lovah


Someone graduated with first class honors and is among the top students in her school. I wonder who. -whistles innocently-

Who is also about to moosey off to UK for her Masters. Very very soon. Like, in less than a week. And won't be back for a year or so. OMG, grown up ady leh! -wipes tear off eye-

It's gonna be kinda surreal for me for a couple of months or so. Confusing, because someone will be missing when I scroll through the list of very few people I'd call/meet-up if I ever plan to jump off the top of KLCC or something wtf. I mean, yea, there's the internet... but simply, nothing beats the person in flesh right in front of you.

It would just feels odd to not be able to lift up the phone and say, see you in an hour, because she'd be 12-hours-plane-ride away.

It's been a long way, huh? From the days of being 1-metre tall brats. who seized every chance we could get to 'gain' authority/alpha female role in that little primary school of bitchy girl drama wtf. From the rebel me who walked away from a game she was 'hosting' to find popular J's 'best friend', to calling each other 'Bodoh' and 'Monyet' (I was in the B class, and her, M class). I think at some point, we disliked each other immensely. She was strong and opinionated even as a young child, and I was a goody-two-shoes (with quite the holier-than-thou attitude wtf). In short, we faced off quite a bit, turned away from each other in a huff and joined our own cliques. Then she moved away in Standard 5.

You'd think that it would be end of the story.... but life has something else planned.

It was the internet, and the Xfresh forum that brought us together again. This time, no nails sharp out from our paws. We were 14 year old, more 'mature' than the 7 year olds we were, okay! On the now sadly-can-be-considered defunct ICQ, we'd chat, crap and bullshit happily away. I just never knew that she'd become one of my closest and trusted friends. My travel buddy. My partner-in-crime when planning/working together for SEALNet Project Malaysia. And how can I forget, my occasional lezzy lovahhhh~~

It's not the same when she moved away in Standard 5; I didn't even blinked an eye because what is she to me? But I'll tell you a different story now... From the squeaky squabbling brats, we've gone far beyond that. We've traveled together, laughed together, worked together, got frustrated with each other and even cried from/with each other. We're so different from each other, and yet similar in some sense. At one point in time, where some events tested my friendship with her, I realised just one thing; how much she means to me as a friend, and how I'd never want to lose that.
Overnights at PY's!In a restaurant. On the rough seas wtf. Even standing in mangroves together la!! (wtf)

Dearest PY, I hope that you'll enjoy every bit of UK and that you'll have a kick-ass time there!! And that you'll find the mental stimulation that you crave for. Just don't become a drunkard T__T. I will send you Milo if you got an itch for it, okay!

*huggles, glomps and much hippo love~~*

I'm gonna miss you, babe TT______TT. You leave me for one year!!! orz.

Okay okay, I'm getting sappy and clingy wtf.

I'll just nullify it with my shoppingness, can kua =DDD

88 eyeshadows dah sampaiiiii!!

My biggest splurge for this month though, is not cosmetics, but for a couple of artbooks that I've been craving madly for ever since I watched the movie. I've been trying to find it for AGES, but everytime I asked in Kinokuniya, it's out of stock... and I'm not willing to pay for it on Ebay Japan/USA because it'll cost me a bomb with the shipping and them overpricing it and all as it's apparently out of print already -___-;. Celaka.

When I thought all was lost... I just happened to go into Kinokuniya again after a long time, and I was walking pass some shelves when something familiar caught my attention, which caused me a minor whiplash.

AND THERE IT WAS!!!! Tekkonkinkreet artbooks!!! Shiro and Kuro!! -jumps jumps jumps-
Plus 20% discount!!! -jumps jumps jumps jumps jumps createsaholeonthefloor!!- It was the beginning of the month, and I was feeling more generous than I should orz. But it's worth it ^^.
"The story takes place in the fictional Takara Machi (宝町 Treasure Town) and centers on a pair of orphaned street kids: the tough, canny Kuro (クロ Black) and the childish, snot-nosed Shiro (シロ White), together known as the Neko (猫 Cats), as they deal with Yakuza attempting to take over Takara Machi." - Wikipedia (because i is too lazy to write)
Amazing, and jaw dropping background designs... My mind just reels from the amount of meticulous details in these pieces.

Then the colours. Oh the mood for the movie is just beautiful. There's a childish colourful retro-ness to it that hints of a vibrant city, and yet the colourfulness suggest a sort of madness to it. Where you can't find a peace of mind.

And for these cities, the designs seems to bring the cultures of the world together in one place. The rawness of the congestive buildings of Hong Kong, the small quaint shops/cafes of Japan, the Asian Hindu deities that has clockwork in them, the Big Ben-like clocktower with Asian designs on it plus neon lights, and also....

Can see? Top left corner....

OASIS - Restoran dan (W)ayang Kulit

Nah, the 'W'... I not lies!

Yay, Malaysia!

In colour yo!


Charl said...

88 SHADES OF EYESHADOW BITCH!! (stabs gianne with eyeliner pencil & steals that kit)

haha actually i havent been wearing makeup or eyeshaodw in quite a while. Not on a daily basis anyway. i sorta became too lazy to clean it off at the end of the day. (even tho i dun apply foundation or anythin, so 'cleaning' is really just a couple of swipes with baby oil & cotton. but yeahh im that lazy.)

i'm sorry to admit i've never heard of Tekkonkinkreet (try pronouncing that 3 times in a row hahaha). the art is indeeed jawdropping. especially seeing as i can't draw architecture for bloody shit. i'm starting to wonder if i should go with u to that Comic Con after all. wouldn't i be like the blurrest sotong there ever? lol.

lezzy lovah? so u do swing that way after all.

(starts singing katy perry's "i kissed a girl" ...which incidentally PY quoted in her facebook recently. and now this. is there smthg u're not telling me?)

gianne said...

charl: ahahhaha! well, each colour is like, the size of 10 cents, so it more like a sampler... many many happy samplers =PPPPP

dont worry... a surprising amount of people don't know abt go watch!! and come to comic con wimme!!! i don't know much abt anime and such these days either :/

lastly, shhhh ;P