Friday, October 31, 2008

Lembu... lembu... engkau la lembu hati ku... wtf

You know, in 40 years when I'm old and wrinkly and stuff.... I think I'll be a totally awesome as an old coot. Because even now I laugh madddddly at superbly corny jokes, while other people just feel gust of cold wind wtf.

Like.... tennis players don't marry because love means nothing to them.

I laughed till I nearly fell off my seat, can?!?? But my ex-colleague twitched when I told her that orz. I honestly thought her morbid humour would gets it but nooooo.....


Okay, i'm not just being random okay wtf... This post is about that ex-colleague of mine aka Budak-Dewasa-Who-Shalt-Not-Be-Named (because you'd combust into ickle pieces of dust if you do) or Budak-Dewasa-Evil.

Otherwise, she's also known as my Lembu wtf.

How it came to be:

[in car, heading out for lunch]
Her: Is hungerrrrrr~~~ I can eat a whole cow!!!
Me: -up to no good-
This was what she heard; Cow tu lembu ke?
What I said; Kau tu lembu ke?
And she goes, "Yup."
Pause. Then she went, "CELAKA!!!".


I think that's about the only time I kenakan her... most of the time, I'm just somewhere in corner, rocking, because she tells me the most traumatising things I have ever heard in my entire life. You can't even avoid it, you know. She thinks in lightning speed. If brain cells had a motto to live by, hers would be "Inducing Morbidness, One Day at a (thousand) Time(s)".

Could you believe that she was once my lecturer? I had sensed the evilness within, but I think I underestimated her. Little did I know that upon joining the Black Fortress, I'd end up disturbing her most.

Now that she's gone for supposedly better pastures (minus the *awesome* colleagues =P), the office seems quieter without the random yells of "CIPET!!!!" -sound of laughter & running feet- or "MAKKOMELETUP!!!" (your mother explodes wtf) etc....

Her last day in Black Fortress

Last dinner as a Black Fortress-ian

Tickling her is fun. Because in the midst of time, she would yell something totally random like, "EEe...eEEe....Vasectomy!!!!" I swear it's a Stunning Spell. We'd be stunned, hands frozen midair in tickling mode, and go, "WTF?!??". Especially, the boys would walk away, wincing in imaginary pain. And when exchanging sms with her, 87% of the time I would get stuck with this expression --->(o_O). Because her texts are like these;

Curse thee i shall stuff you in adams puny butt tomorrow!!

Woa did you had sex? Woah! Anyway ive been playing sims made of the jerks n your char just broke buncits heart bcoz he caught you sleeping with longman wtf lols

.... and that's just the tip of the iceberg okay, wtf.

If there is a visual of your conscience, this would be it.

I miss the stupid things we do... Imagine two people sitting side-by-side in front of two computers, with a very intense look. And one would go, "Okay. Ready... Set.... GO!".

-start of rapid clickings-

We were seeing who would be faster... in finishing a game of Solitaire wtf.
We're so celaka wtf. But as of July 5 2008, she's still the undefeated champion at 62 seconds. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

But despite her evilness and celakaness and wittiness and nuttiness, and even though she pulls my hair wtf or approaches you like a bulldozer (slow but powerful hahaha sorry inside joke wtf)... she's one of the most observant and thoughtful and kind person I ever knew. Plus, an awesome evil friend. With double personality wtf.
This is 'Nora', the sweet and non-evil one.

This is Anis. Obviously, the ebbbil side

If they both appear, then she's Nonis wtf.

So yah. Anyway, ickle budak dewasa will be leveling up veeeery soon. Like, in two days time.

Because she is getting married!!!!

This one is getting married....

Evidently she's not a tennis player wtf.

Anyway, cue for all the jokes of wedding nights, flowers, cakes with strippers in it (and putting the stripper in before baking the cake wtf) etc.

So two colleagues and me are going down to her hometown this weekend for her wedding. Mostly 'cause we want to tease her and are gleeful at the fact that she has to smile sweetly at us in return and can't get off the dais to murder us with her bare hands wahahahahah!!!

Can't wait ~~

Friday, October 24, 2008

The tale of the wayward painting wtf

The pencil sketch was a moody, pensive girl looking to the side at something unknown to us. She holds a dark, wire-entwined umbrella above her head, that was pouring rain unto her even though the skies were clear. Cats and dogs walking behind her, looking worried.

And this is how it turned out when I redid it digitally:






........Uh. YAR. I know. What the heck, right??? But guess what was looping on my Winamp.






It's a movie soundtrack...






... char tou orz. But I love this movie!!! It makes me want to break out in a dance, sing catchy tunes even though imma tone-deafness, be happy/optimistic/fun like Tracy and wear big poofy skirts wtf. I think I've watched it about 4-5 times, not including the times I -subliminally- watched it, where I just run the movie in the background as I do unrelated stuff in another window, which would probably be more than 5 times wtf.

.... But still, the painting wasn't intended to be happy-quirky orz. Maybe I should had listened to My Chemical Romance or smthg orz.

Close-up of face;
I got a bunch of stuff to blog about, like SEALNet's Project Malaysia, but sometimes there's just so much to blog about that I just get overwhelmed and unable to start wtf.

Last Monday was my birthday!! Imma now officially 22, and I gotta wait 11 years to be 33 wtf so random. Had a steamboat gathering with a couple of my friends and my cousin, although 3 of my besties weren't in M'sia to celebrate with me =(. Muns, PY, LC... I miss you guys so much ;_____;. My colleagues in the Black Fortress were so sweet. Mel got everyone to sign this card for me, and the messages were a mixture of normal, celaka-wtf! and funny that makes my eyes shiny and sparkly all the same wtf. More in the coming post... if I'm not lazy -cough-.

Also, Lang Tengah trip with Muns and Jonny! I get constantly reminded by the trip because my butt is still two-toned wtf.

Aights, I'm off to bed.