Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stella; Hello

Slightly infected by Comic Fiesta :/. Started after watching Kidchan's videos, but her colouring skills is too amazing. I gave up in about 10 minutes into it XD

Time taken: A couple of hours (in one sitting!!! -pat self on head wtf-)
Tools: Photoshop and tablet


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Missing Graduation / Art Demonstration

There's this saying; when you don't need something, you see it everywhere. And the moment you do... it becomes the elusive ones, akin to Atlantis wtf.

Same analogy, different setting.

The one time I actually (but secretly) look forward for graduation was the one time I was sent away wtf. I missed watching the students that I've tutored/taught graduating -____-;. Missed them stepping on the podium and receiving their scrolls. It would be my first time seeing my students graduate actually. The amount of clapping I did for the past graduations and none for the one where I wanted so much to clap for wtf. And then I kena on facebook and MSN because they couldn't spot me at all there orz.

My IMD/BACM and GMD students of 2008... They were a really fun bunch, and they are quite a close knit group (esp the IMD students). I just remember envying how they were always there for each other... it's not easy to find friends like that, so I'm glad that they did. Although sometimes, they just do everything together and then their assignments suffered -____-;. Oi.

Even though I taught them flash animation/actionscript/html, I simply gave them skills, but they taught me to be a little better as a person.

This is a little corny and overdone, but I honestly wish them all the very very best that life has to offer. Congrats for passing through the 3/4 years of art school torture!! XDXD (though it's a little saddening that the 'torture' from my behalf ends here for them wtf)

Oh, the 13th and 14th of this month was a hot date for events apparently.

Besides the graduation, there's NAPE education fair in MidValley (or is it NABE? because if it's called NABE, it would be really funny wtf). Then Nanyang education fair in PWTC. Not to mention, PC Fair was running at the same time in KL Convention Centre.

The event that took me away was the one in PWTC; doing digital painting demo for the GMD programme. Ivan (my colleague) and Jinn (?) from BigBadWolf Studios were also there to demonstrate as well. Panicky I was. Digital paintings, yes, I do... though a turtle could do it faster -___-;. Plus, if you were to read off what could be improved, I'm gonna get you a glass of water and some sweets to soothe your throat orz.

But being an easily comforted person, all was needed was someone telling me, "Have more faith in yourself... Peter wouldn't ask you to go if he thought you sucked." Yay. And, yea, maybe I'll screw up, but on the bright side, it'll be lesser in the future.

My practice sketch the week before. A dark elf;

This is my colleague Melissa helping me out with the pose;This is up, only because she has this priceless expression going on ahahahhahaha!

On the day itself, there was something wrong with my monitor. Basically the monitor wasn't reading the information from the mothership because the monitor's plug-in point is f-ed up. The only way the image won't disappear from the screen is when the plug is pushed firmly into the plug-in point. Before I could fix it, the VIPs happily strolled into the room with all the photographers in tow. I just sat down and did the demo-thing.

The next thing I know, the VIPs has plonked themselves behind me -___-;.

So there I was, trying to look nonchalant cool -____-; while my left hand is stretched to the back of the monitor holding the plug and drawing with my right hand -____-;;;. The photographers were clicking happily away as the seed of horror beneath my calm smiling exterior was positively blooming away because I looked damn sohai okay wtf.

Luckily I managed to come out with a decent looking sketch that they seemed satisfied with. After a few agonising minutes of playing cool, they went on to their next agenda on their list phew.... Finally, I could orz in peace.

orz. -peacefully-

On a bright note, the editors at Nanyang Siang Pau must be like, "...." when they saw pictures with me in it and chucked it outta the window.

Drawing with two other people also makes you painfully aware of your n00bness. Jinn, the industry dude, finished 5 completed concept art while I'm barely done with one orz. But it's all cool.... I'll get there one day!!

Stuff drawn (click for bigger picture)(and yes, am horrendously bad at finishing artworks sigh...)



um... it was a warm up

sketch - rocketman

steampunk girl 01

steampunk girl 02
(details done after the fair)

(of all the ones i did, this is my fave)


Random shot from my balcony. This is the carpark after the rain.
Most importantly, can you see the dragon? ;P


Random camwhorings; Messy me and my old hair

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleeping people and their telly / My friends = Santa Claus

Have you been in the living room with a sleeping someone who dozed off with the telly's shows as their lullaby? The type who when you try changing the channel on the telly, and that person would just magically open his eyes wide, going, "Hey!! I'm watching that...!!" (...mutterings of inconsideration optional...) and you quickly revert back to the previous channel... only to be greeted by the said person snoring again (wtf!)

My dad is such a person... and I just never realised that his habit of his could just morph into something of a higher level. It was really fascinating. I was watching the telly, when the channel changed, and it was dad, surfing channels.....

.... in HIS SLEEP!!!

Now that's what I call the true 'remote' control hahaha!

It was pretty amazing in several levels. I stare at him in awe now XD.

Someone should create a FB group for this.


I introduced my colleagues to the wonder that is the Japanese Raccoon Dog.

And Hardo Gay da... fuuuuUUUUUuuUUU!!!!

I feel so proud of myself that it hurts.


There's nothing in the world that is quite as lovely as receiving letters or packages in the mail amidst the piles of bills. It just something that warms me from the tummy and put me into a momentary world where woodland animals flitter out from their habitat to do my house chores wtf.

I came home to 4 packages in the mail for me. Granted, three was from online shopping, so it's sort of like, sending flowers to yourself on Valentine's Day wtf (but I swear I never done that okay wtf). But it sure didn't stop me from feeling like a kid on Christmas day.

What I bought;
__ two T-shirts from the Cute Closet, which didn't fit me because I'm healthy. Yes. Very very VERY healthy orz. So, free Tees for my roomie! (
__ hairdye in Fishbowl from Special Effects.
__ an owl necklace and giraffe earrings from A Piece of Fancy (tane@Lowyat)

The last package was from my lovely Bouncy Oompha Loompha in UK. It was in a small box, and omg, I miss her handwriting!!! Still so round and neat. I used to compare our handwriting when we sat next to each other in high school. And think how messy my handwriting looks next to hers and how neater her already-neat handwriting looks next to mine WTF.

I feel so celaka when I held the box, proudly displaying that it's from UK, because I sent a bloody postcard 6 months ago from Sabah and it never reached her till now =___=;.

This is what she got me;

It was so quirky as it is, so I adore it.

And unbelievably gorgeous when you turn the lights off;

Quirky AND gorgeous??? In the words of Anabukin-chan... WAOW!! -IN LOVE!-

I could imagine it already; it being stringed across my room. Am trying to find a way to do that. It'd be so so so wonderful!!! I could turn off the boring fluorescent light, and I'll let these lights dance around my room. And I could just wander off to other lands in my mind..... (lol, scary tak?? XD)

Muns, thank you so much for this loveliness!!! If I really punch holes in my wall, it's gonna be your fault! XD

Since we're on the subject of presents, my birthday was in October. Had a small steamboat gathering in my home with close buddies. we've been talking abt going to steamboat restaurants since FOREVER, but not feeling sure which place would be good/worth it etc. And I just offered to have it in my place. AND since it was near my birthday, might as well make it into a gathering+celebration wtf.

Now that I think of it, it's the first time I celebrated my bday like this with my friends. I still feel uncomfortable abt a birthday party for myself. I don't know. Usually it's just a trip to the mall and secret recipe for a low-key thing. I'm just not that sort who knows how to celebrate herself wtf. Hence, I damn jakun in this whole bday business sigh.

My mum pretty much handled everything in the steamboat preparation, and I followed her instructions like a docile wide-eyed creature. My cuzzie was dragged in to be my mom's serf as well by moi XDXD. So with 3 pairs of hands, it wasn't -too- tedious. I tried paying me mam for the food, but she refused. She said it's her present for me (together with her cooking skills... awesome pressie imo!)

Kez and TJ came with banana chocolate cake, and when they found out I've gotten tiramisu cake as well, they were like, wtf, don't buy your own birthday cake!!! Jakunness XDXD. But that tiramisu cake is really delicious ;____;.

Seeing that our birthdays are only 3 days apart in the same year, my cuzzie and me are very straight-forward with each other. We always tell each other what we wanted for our bdays. It sorta kills the whole birthday surprise, but I guess we can't be arsed about it. She wanted earphones and I wanted a book. Any book, 2nd hand, 932847th hand I don't mind, as long as it's not in tatters and it's still readable.

.... And she, along with LJ and her bf, gave me a Borders debit card!! I can't tell you how sparkly my eyes went.

When I opened Charl's pressie, I saw this;
Okay, before I continue, I love candles! Used to make them in high school. The candle holder is something that I would get for myself... but wait, what is that on the top?

It turns out to be this!

Oh gosh, I love this hands concept!!

BTW The wrapping paper is SO Charlene!

Thanks you guys!!

Also, my bro got me an LCD screen!! I think this is the first time he got me something that I really really REALLY liked.


... Now!!!!

Super happy! I'm not saying that he's a crappy gift giver, but I guess we have different personalities and tastes. He's more of the classy type, who would give me feminine looking watches or designer wallets... while I'm more of the eccentric taste wtf, and would go more for earring made from clay as opposed to diamonds wtf.

Now that I think of it... my presents for him was damn crappy. So far I've given him a disco ball, a lighter that emits green flame (when he wasn't smoking wtf but now he is. My fault orz...) and for his last birthday I gave him a snake and ladder drinking game with shot glasses. I actually thought that, after all the years I've finally gotten it right, because my bro goes clubbing and drinks.

He looked at it, saying he liked it ... BUT (oh god, the dreaded word.)... he just got some kidney/liver problem at the moment, so he's not allowed to drink.






-jumps from tall building-

I'm going to hell.

There will be chains there with my name written on it already.

This year, I got him the PostSecret books.... which I really hope that he likes. Have yet have the courage to ask him whether he does or not orz.


I hate it that tears creeps to my eyes when I get mad. I can't argue my case properly because people get scared off by tears. It sucks.


Done in office when I was too lazy to go home. This is Lucia.
(click image for bigger view)
Nekkid + no makeup

The wonder of clothes, hair and makeup wtf