Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Missing Graduation / Art Demonstration

There's this saying; when you don't need something, you see it everywhere. And the moment you do... it becomes the elusive ones, akin to Atlantis wtf.

Same analogy, different setting.

The one time I actually (but secretly) look forward for graduation was the one time I was sent away wtf. I missed watching the students that I've tutored/taught graduating -____-;. Missed them stepping on the podium and receiving their scrolls. It would be my first time seeing my students graduate actually. The amount of clapping I did for the past graduations and none for the one where I wanted so much to clap for wtf. And then I kena on facebook and MSN because they couldn't spot me at all there orz.

My IMD/BACM and GMD students of 2008... They were a really fun bunch, and they are quite a close knit group (esp the IMD students). I just remember envying how they were always there for each other... it's not easy to find friends like that, so I'm glad that they did. Although sometimes, they just do everything together and then their assignments suffered -____-;. Oi.

Even though I taught them flash animation/actionscript/html, I simply gave them skills, but they taught me to be a little better as a person.

This is a little corny and overdone, but I honestly wish them all the very very best that life has to offer. Congrats for passing through the 3/4 years of art school torture!! XDXD (though it's a little saddening that the 'torture' from my behalf ends here for them wtf)

Oh, the 13th and 14th of this month was a hot date for events apparently.

Besides the graduation, there's NAPE education fair in MidValley (or is it NABE? because if it's called NABE, it would be really funny wtf). Then Nanyang education fair in PWTC. Not to mention, PC Fair was running at the same time in KL Convention Centre.

The event that took me away was the one in PWTC; doing digital painting demo for the GMD programme. Ivan (my colleague) and Jinn (?) from BigBadWolf Studios were also there to demonstrate as well. Panicky I was. Digital paintings, yes, I do... though a turtle could do it faster -___-;. Plus, if you were to read off what could be improved, I'm gonna get you a glass of water and some sweets to soothe your throat orz.

But being an easily comforted person, all was needed was someone telling me, "Have more faith in yourself... Peter wouldn't ask you to go if he thought you sucked." Yay. And, yea, maybe I'll screw up, but on the bright side, it'll be lesser in the future.

My practice sketch the week before. A dark elf;

This is my colleague Melissa helping me out with the pose;This is up, only because she has this priceless expression going on ahahahhahaha!

On the day itself, there was something wrong with my monitor. Basically the monitor wasn't reading the information from the mothership because the monitor's plug-in point is f-ed up. The only way the image won't disappear from the screen is when the plug is pushed firmly into the plug-in point. Before I could fix it, the VIPs happily strolled into the room with all the photographers in tow. I just sat down and did the demo-thing.

The next thing I know, the VIPs has plonked themselves behind me -___-;.

So there I was, trying to look nonchalant cool -____-; while my left hand is stretched to the back of the monitor holding the plug and drawing with my right hand -____-;;;. The photographers were clicking happily away as the seed of horror beneath my calm smiling exterior was positively blooming away because I looked damn sohai okay wtf.

Luckily I managed to come out with a decent looking sketch that they seemed satisfied with. After a few agonising minutes of playing cool, they went on to their next agenda on their list phew.... Finally, I could orz in peace.

orz. -peacefully-

On a bright note, the editors at Nanyang Siang Pau must be like, "...." when they saw pictures with me in it and chucked it outta the window.

Drawing with two other people also makes you painfully aware of your n00bness. Jinn, the industry dude, finished 5 completed concept art while I'm barely done with one orz. But it's all cool.... I'll get there one day!!

Stuff drawn (click for bigger picture)(and yes, am horrendously bad at finishing artworks sigh...)



um... it was a warm up

sketch - rocketman

steampunk girl 01

steampunk girl 02
(details done after the fair)

(of all the ones i did, this is my fave)


Random shot from my balcony. This is the carpark after the rain.
Most importantly, can you see the dragon? ;P


Random camwhorings; Messy me and my old hair


Charl said...

hehe i like your sketches better.
maybe u should just make that ur style. have everything in half-finished shades and strokes. coz i srsly dig ur sketches. at least leave the rough strokes; they add character. my personal motto in life: it is more important to be interesting than to be perfect.


dark elf...: i love how characters in fantasy worlds hv their boobs magically, wonderbra-ly held up by tiny scraps of clothing. danggg, u shoulda given her Melissa's expression!! *orz at the mental image*

may i suggest making the eybrows stronger? she's obviously powerful & vaguely sinister, and a powerful chacracter needs somewht distinctive eyebrows. (u can do some reference studies of how artists illustrate forceful/assertive characters. heck, u can even use ur own brows, theyre not bad.) imho it needs that arch near the end. generally, faint non-arched eyebrows = insipid personality. altho that rule applies mainly in face feng shui, so im not like insulting ppl with naturally faint eyebrows heh. (goes into hiding)

Seiji said...

That's NAPEI lar, sis. If it's really NABE, I'd definitely had joined for the NIKU.

Nice sketches btw. I think your colleague Melissa was probably praying to god silently hoping to be bestowed the teleportation ability. Priceless expression indeed.

The steampunk characters needs more cogwheels, gas masks, brass goggles or welding glasses and et al.

Your last pic somehow reminds me of AirGear's Ringo... again. Must be dejavu..

gianne said...

[charl] ... i honestly dont know to be happy or sad abt that comment lol! i guess sometimes the quest for perfection kills the mood of the image. for the anniversary one, i actually liked the sketchiness of it. but it'd seems unfinished if i don't work more on it =(

hahaha my dark elf looks kind, gentle and shit... not good! will tweak the brows~

[seiji] got it. i was thinking of steampunk when i sketched them, so def adding details later. i'm torn between steampunk and just feminine girls from the old, dealin' no shit from people, else they'd whip out a gun and shoot you faster than you could breathe.