Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stella; Hello

Slightly infected by Comic Fiesta :/. Started after watching Kidchan's videos, but her colouring skills is too amazing. I gave up in about 10 minutes into it XD

Time taken: A couple of hours (in one sitting!!! -pat self on head wtf-)
Tools: Photoshop and tablet



Miss Anis said...

you ignored me on MSN for this?


not bad ah.

oh word verification for today is: antsuat.

...semut wha?

Charl said...

LOLOL at anis' comment on the word verif.

wow this is like those spot the differences game. *squints & tries to see the edit* ...

awesome, awesome dress. & the gloves too. super-high gloves whoop ass.

eyebrows......... heh. (no really, you need to rethink your eyebrow style LOL)

& since anis started it, im gonna make it a trend: my word verif today is 'chins'. as in the old fat-person joke, "more chins than a chinese phone book."