Sunday, April 04, 2010


it's a classic sunday... blue blue sunny skies; the sort that idly promises a great day, if you would turn off your sweat glands.

then i back away from the window, plonked my ass down in front of my work area.
because that's the punishment for procrastination of too many lazy evenings and weekends.

a scattered workplace; drinking dices from maison, an emptied brand's essence bottle as a stationery holder, chewable vitamin c so i can pretend to be taking care of my health. upside down spoon does a better job stirring.

incidentally, it's a very good day for laundry.

the keys taunt me... but it's okay. the reward of gifting comprehension and understanding is not too far away.

i wonder if i'd miss this when i'm gone.

little trinkets to amuse me. pretty, jiggly earrings that threatens to elongate my earlobes.

chalkbag. contains my favourite scent, though after its first outing, it mingles with the tangy smell of sweat...
escapism. fairyland. wake up wake up.

just woken up... check out the oily hair!! also, the blue-green chunks =).

a year plus of hiatus. wow. i'm sweeping aside the spiderwebs as i type this.

during the time gone, there were much sunny days, and more rainy days. i cried more than i laughed, i found friends, got stuck in the middle, drifted away from some people, lost faith in myself, regained it back again and emerged stronger, had a dear soul reclaimed by God, learnt a lot about the world... though there is so much more to learn.

i can't say that i'm sombre now. maybe sometimes (and a little now =P), but i'm more myself than i've ever been =) [think lame jokes and randomness!] . in my journey to this point, i would often look back and cringe at my eroded self at the expense of others. now, i know my worth... and it is much much more than what i imagined before.

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