Friday, June 17, 2011

oh... tingginya...

For months, I've been salivating over the trip/treks in Yongo... saving for the day that I could go on either:
- Xi'an, China
- Bhapa, India

Here's the link: I really like this operator because it's not one of those that herd us like cattles to factories (that paid the operators beforehand), selling things that could be easily obtained in BB Plaza or Jusco/Tesco. Plus, they are travellers themselves, and chalked up quite an experience... one could imagine that they would understand the people and the places well.

Anyway. In a yumcha session two days ago, I was telling my colleagues that on the climb to Mt Kinabalu's summit, I was pretty frightened by the steepness (at least on the way up) and someone said, Oh, you have yet to see the hike up to Hua Shan in China! Now THAT'S scary.

I didn't think much about it.... I thought that if I ever want to hike a trek steeper than what I've been on, I reckon I better get rid of the fear I have first.

Then on my next salivation trip to the Yongo pages... I guess it's pretty obvious on what I found out. Hua Shan was on the itinerary for the Xi'an trip. Here's a glimpse of it:

To lessen the drama, from snippets of information gathered from youtube, it's only 30-50m long, plus you could take it or leave it. But! I'd go for it. I see harness and a decent stepping space! Though no guarantee that my legs won't be jelly-like... but man, the exhilaration of the gorgeous view, the adrenaline... yum!!

Looking at the schedule again though, one can't help but wish that the stopovers were more generous time-wise. It's rather nice to immerse yourself in the vibe of place, and it always gives me pleasure to explore it. It lead me to think about planning it out instead... of course, the disadvantages being it may end up more expensive and most importantly, a lack of an experienced guiding hand who knows the people and the history of the place.

Sometimes I'm curious on solo traveling; it's something I've considered from time to time.

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