Wednesday, June 08, 2011

shifting through

i'm shifting through the letters and photographs, frozen in time, so that at last, they could be handed over.

it's a trip. really, it is. i do still remember her.. though i'm surprised to find that what i felt i couldn't forget, i did. one or two things, at least. such is time, and its erosion on memory... but looking at these letters brought the sadness afresh again.

sometimes i still can't believe how this person that i admire so, could be taken away so early. in truth, i envied her; for her firmness of character, how she could light up the room with her playfulness, how she makes you aware of how magnificent life is, how she makes you feel deeply that there is something bigger than us, her wiseness and intelligence, and how people would listen... she'd inspire you to be a better person if you let her in.

here's to you, aizati... i'm moved by you still.

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