Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The problem with having a stand is that sometimes, you believe in it so much that you see yours through rose tinted glasses and then demonised the 'other'. Basically you cut off trying to understand your 'opponent' and choke off possible productive cooperation, preferring to instead have mud sling fights of "I'm right, you're wrong. I'm bigger, and you're smaller." I mean, that's probably the easiest thing to do, but it's not helpful in the long run at all.

While it warms my heart to see people united over a cause, over something that would be a better memory of Malaysia than May 13... watching the pats on the back going around, one could also notice the negative part; how news take on an arrogant, dismissive tone to the 'other'. People's page filled with blind vitriol to the 'other'.  And what I thought was; Staring at the monster long enough, and the next thing you know, it will stare back at the same thing.

Understand each other. Agree to disagree. Agree on the objective good, even if it comes from someone you oppose. Take a deep breath. Open your eyes. And judge to what your conscience tells you, and because he or she said so. And I'm not trying to be bossy and tell you what you should do. This is a reminder to myself too... because God knows, how I could get swept away by what I feel and not what is real. I feel as though I have to be cautious and to question, always.

Understand that peaceful quiet moments will not get much hits on youtube. It's the nature of moving pictures; violence commands your attention greatly. The quiet and subtle has no place in it, save for old school film aficionados perhaps.

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