Sunday, August 21, 2011

Even the wanderers on earth have their ground

Ramble brambles at 12am.

We spoke about personal universes, like how an awesome fanfiction writer felt that she couldn't create her own work because she does not have enough of her own personal universe to stand on. It just seem oddly profound. How would it be like, truly finding your footing in this world?  Oh, not about fitting in, but how you learn of yourself as a person. I'm finding it hard to explain it... not things of the fleeting kind - we have a lot of that. But of those that goes down deep. Like the roots of an old tree.

I wished I started earlier. I've always been a little slow. For my personal universe, hobbit thinks I'm on my way at the ripe ol' age of mid-twenties. It tickles me sometimes, to think I'm finding myself on a journey that I would had never predicted for myself...Oh, youth, and how it made me think I knew everything; pores oozing with arrogance and the ego play that damned me.


A year ago, I was fresh out of my first job and into training for my 2nd one. I remember how slightly displaced I felt; within a span of 3 weeks, I was looking for a job and then I'm sitting on my former student's lap squeezed in a three-wheeled open air taxi in the streets of India.

So surreal somehow.

I remember how I couldn't imagine not being a part of my old office and how odd I felt in my new one... Like an intruder. A year later, it now feels comfortable and my old office felt strange, mostly due to the high turnover. The culture here is vastly different from my first. Or maybe perhaps I just don't take the shit like I used to anymore.


Yesterday have been immensely enjoyable to me... met up with a close friend, being able to let my guard down and chatting the night away. She's going back to UK soon-ish, and I'm gonna miss the face-to-face interactions.

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