Tuesday, September 13, 2011


a new love found; the echelon effect:

Handing Over to Summer

The Nobility of Loneliness

And another:

Codes in the Clouds - Where Dirt Meets Water

sometimes when things get tough, when you evoke immense frustration within the confines of affection, i go off on my own, to take a breather. you get hurt, you didn't understand; but i needed my recess, away from you.

how long has been since? perhaps how it has been left hanging in the air, how time plays tricks on your mind; that all i remember are the fluffy bits - erasing your flaws and making you more magical than you are. frozen photographs, new, that sees people waltzing into our lives (perhaps one may be a permanent fixture) - how we're not a part of each other's lives anymore. that pang of pain visits lesser, but it still packs a punch when it does. these days i rather turn my face away; i can't feel what i can't see.

i miss taking a breather from you.

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