Saturday, December 31, 2011

Le betta, Robert

I had been itching for a fish for a while, but never got around to it... until a friend gifted me one - tank, fish, filters and all - on my birthday. It is a crowntail betta; a red body with swabs of blue. He was rather quiet and subdued for a couple of days. I didn't realise that the bubble filter was too strong for the size of the tank, and the human equivalent of his situation is standing in a storm that uprooted trees and flipped tables.

Two days later, I transferred him to a smaller tank that needs no filter. Bettas prefer still water. The next week, I added a plant because I discovered that the bugger sleeps, and leaves seem like a better bed than the stony floor. The same week he was chomping on bloodworms because he didn't like the pellets I gave him.

Turns out, usually bettas are greedy little buggers that eats nonstop, but I guess he wasn't feeling too good from the petshop and from the tsunami waves from the bubble filter. The environment and bloodworms gave him the boost that he needed, and after the second feeding, he became super gungho for pellets as well. And much more active and flaring up and building bubble nests.

Oh, I intended to write on how he amuses me when it's his feeding time. Nothing like a long-winded intro to start it off. You see, his aim is sort of wonky. With bloodworms, he's pretty accurate, but not so for the pellets. I'd drop in a pellet and he will friggin' LUNGE at it.

And miss it totally. Then you'd see him all like, "What? Where that at???" with the pellet directly on top of his head. Then he will back up and eat it. Total fail la, but tickles me nonetheless.

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