Monday, January 28, 2013


Push me back when I push you. Argue with me. Tell me I'm wrong and tell me why. Don't descend to lowball name calling and cheap shots. Don't be silent critic. Make me question. Show me another point of view. Force me to see out of my perspective. Discuss with me and sort our thoughts out. Call me out if I'm being a bully or too forceful or silly or illogical. Rid yourself from the fear of disagreements that may cause offense.

I am not a fragile person. Unpolished I may be, but only because it is tough to know a person willing enough to stand up for their views. Some views I hold is flawed - with it, it is accompanied by a willingness to correct them. Ego may prevent me from understanding, so this I will guard against.

C'mon now. Push me back, because I can take it.

It's ridiculous how much I hunger for that again.

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