Monday, January 07, 2013

"Hai, sou desu"

Random convo with the hobbit. He knows French and I know Japanese (though he knows a splatter of Japanese and I know how to say, "Voulez vous coucher avec moi" courtesy of Lady Marmalade wtf). Funny if you know some Japanese.

anata ga sugoku baka!!!!!!!!!
me:  watashi wa... sugoku kirei :P
LC:  ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. anata wa sugoku kirei???
me:  haiiiii. bijin desuuuu
LC:  how do i say vomit in japanese
me:  "hai sou desu."
LC:  u think i'm stupid!
me:  HAHAHHAHA im laughing my butt off here
LC:  ya u try to bluff mE!!!

1 comment:

oranje said...

LOL hello i know some basic japanese! u wanna bluff also use some fancy japanese that means affirmation!

bluffing fail!