Thursday, February 13, 2014


(posted 26th October 2013 on FB)

... I should stop getting upset over people with annoyingly shallow opinions in regards to the female gender, especially in what they look for in their partners. 

Yes, there are women who look for loaded folks, just as there are men who treat their partner like opinionless objects. Are we to generalise that most women are shallow, materialistic and vapid, and most men are violent, disagreeable and cruel? 

Are relationships as simple as that? A man shows his Ferrari and a hot girl agrees to go out with him despite rejecting him earlier - would that even last? Do we not look for someone we trust enough to bare our hearts naked? That we are willing to grow old together with? I would concede that some women would look for someone who could support themselves (or nudge them to it if they are already dating), and if it's in their plans, a family in the future. But it's not as simple as dangling a wallet in front of them.

In my anger, I wonder if these boys have tried truly evaluating the actual women around them. Look at the girls who you're close with. Who laughed and joked and chatted with you. Who you could honestly call a friend. Now, could you straight-faced tell them, "You're so simple, materialistic and a money whore". 

Are you sore because you're alone, and it's easier to blame the shallowness of some, rather than embarking on a truthful examination of yourself? It's definitely easier to say that, "I'm single because I am poor. Those damn money diggers!!" Being alone is fine, but to hatefully blame is another.

And the shitty part is, because they believe in what they do, that might be all that they find. Or perhaps that's the sort of people they are attracted to, hence their conviction that women are shallow.

This is when I look at reality and comfort myself in that I know men in it are not like the ones I mentioned here. Sure, there are mean ones, as well there are amazingly big-hearted and kind ones. If I labeled all guys as misogynist just because I saw a youtube video, THAT is effing shallow. People shouldn't get an automatic label just because someone else did that. It's not their burden to carry, until they have shown themselves to be.

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