Thursday, March 23, 2017


In the need of endorphins (and a trimmer waistline), I went for a jog. It felt real good. The podcast I was listening to was called "Modern Love" ironically or not.

The rain has ceased not too long ago, and the air was heavy with moisture yet not too unbearable. Lacking sport shoes, Converse sneakers it was. I may steal a pair off my mom.

Running gives you clarity, and untrembles a trembling heart.

I thought about the topics of articles I've been reading, what 'water' am I in, about what I've learnt in past 7 years, and about where I'd like to be. General things to anchor me as a person, for I have a tendency to gelabah and forget. I thought about the little giraffe fixture that holds his toothbrush. A shirt, not mine, uncollected. The double pillows on a single sized bed. The blanket in which I trapped him and tickled him to tears. There's a scene from Eternal Sunshine, when pain wants you to forget, but we rarely want to forget that little moments of sweetness, of tenderness, the times when your walls are all down and it's just you and him.

My muscles will ache tomorrow, but it would only mean growth, and growth is good.

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