Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Marcus lent me a Hassan Muthalib's "From Mouse Deer to Mouse", and it turned out to be quite an engrossing read. It was supposed to be a quick 30 minute read before bedtime, that extended to only crashing at 4am (with work tomorrow!). Then a post-swimming pizza fueled chat with a couple of my colleagues about art and artists not 24 hours after, has only brought me back to the time I had wanted to tell stories.   

How easy it is to be swept away with keeping one's head over water, that the mind forgets that stories used to keep me alive and going. It's good to have some fire reignited.

Revisited my final piece in college. I figured it will be pretty boring to most people, but it still affects me after all these years.
And here it is.

Dear To You from gianne yap on Vimeo.